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Integrated Medical Massage for Pain & Stress Relief

Medical Massage/Neuromuscular Therapy differs from regular Massage and Bodywork in that the treatment is specifically directed to resolve specific conditions.  Such conditions may follow a diagnosis by a medical doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or other health professional or they may be chronic to the client.

Using a variety of modalities or techniques during the treatment, the treatment is focused only on the specific areas of the body related to the diagnosis or the client’s complaint.  This enhances the body’s natural self-healing process and reduces  recovery time from injury.

Muscular Conditions often addressed in this treatment are:

          • Backpain
          • Headaches
          • Kneed pain
          • Neck pain
          • Abdominal Pain
          • Shoulders
          • Ribs & diaphragm
          • Arms & Hands
          • And other musculature as the client may indicate and the therapist find dysfunctional. 
$85 per 60 Minutes

Your body is a marvelously intricate system of interdependent parts, all working together to maintain a constant state of balance and a regular rate of flow. 

The trouble with all complicated systems is that a disruption in one area is likely to affect the whole structure and that is exactly what happens when muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues suffer from trauma, sprain or strain. Muscle fibers and connective tissue bunch up into knots that prevent normal movement, cause physical pain and block fluid flow. There is not “One Technique Fits All” for muscles. 

Realizing this, we created our signature massage — Integrated Pain & Stress Management Massage, an integration of Deep Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, thera-cupping and sports massage aimed at easing pain and stress. The therapist warms-up the muscles with Swedish massage. This is also a time to investigate the state of the muscles on the client. 

Deep tissue and myofascial techniques are applied to muscle tissues that are adhered together in order to break them up, while consistently releasing the bunched up connective tissue; while trigger point therapy is applied to knotted-up muscles. Myofascial release works by loosening the fascia or  connective tissue.  Some sports massage techniques such as assisted and PNF stretching and joint mobilization may also be used.

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Integrated Pain & Stress Relief Massage

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